Head and Neck


Teaching session from Dr Marsh, 2020

Contouring Guidelines

Which nodal areas to treat for H&N cancers
Biau et al

overview of likely involved nodal groups with all H&N cancers

Neck Node Contouring Atlas
Gregoire et al
Green J 2014

Seminal paper on how to contour neck node levels

Contouring OAR in H&N cancer guidelines
Brouwer et al

how to contour OAR in H&N area

Brachial plexus contouring guidelines
Hall et al

Guidelines on contouring the brachial plexus for H&N cancer patients

costar trial contouring guidelines
costar trial

This contains good guidelines on how to contour the parotid. also info on nodal contouring.

Functional Swallowing units: Anatomy and physiology
Gawryszuk et al
green J 2018

Functional swallowing units: contouring
Gawryszuk et al
green J 2018

Radiotherapy general

Phase II study of a palliative RT regime in H&N cancer
Cory et al

A potential palliative RT regime in H&N cancer

Overview teaching sessions

Introduction to H&N cancer, Dr Casswell, 2020

Systemic therapy in metastatic H&N cancer, Dr Beasley, 2020

Management of toxicity and advanced cancer

management of toxicity and late effects of treatment, Donna Graham, 2020

MASCC guidelines in how to manage mucositis
Lalla et al

Consensus guidelines on management of mucositis