Episode 3, series 1. How I treat early breast cancer with radiotherapy

In this podcast Dr Jenner, breast cancer specialist in Bristol, discusses the role of radiotherapy in those with early breast cancer- both the evidence around this and the practicalities of how to set up the patient. Look out for the quiz question- how many breath holds to treat. The answer is 3-4, usually.

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How I treat early breast cancer with radiotherapy

Prime II study
Knuckler et al
Lancet Oncology 2015 16(3) 266-73

Study which randomised those >65Yr to RT or not after WLE

CALBG 9343
Hughes et al
JCO 2012 31 (19) 2382-7

Study randomising those >70Yr after WLE and tamoxifen to radiotherapy or not

Cochran’s review of boost radiotherapy
Kindts et al

A Cochran’s review of the benefits of boost radiotherapy to the tumour bed after WLE and whole breast RT

Fast-Forward Trial
Brunt et al
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Hypofractionated breast radiotherapy: 1 v 3 weeks

Start Trial
Hauilad et al
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Trial demonstrating that hypofractionated radiotherapy was equivalent to standard fractionated radiotherapy

Amarous Trial
Donker et al
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trial randomising between surgery and radiotherapy after positive sentinel lymph node biopsy

Import Low Trial
Coles et al
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Trial randomising between partial and full breast radiotherapy after WLE